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Lansdowne Park - Parking Garage


Photo by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

This 500,000 square foot underground parking structure extends under the majority of the Lansdowne Park site. 11 buildings are constructed over the garage. All building services are routed through the garage making this project a servicing co-ordination wonder. Revit CAD systems are used to provide enhanced system and structural co-ordination.

S + A Services Included:


Eleven Buildings are constructed over this approximately 500,000 sq.ft parking garage.
All building mechanical services including domestic water, sanitary, storm and fire protection services are routed through the garage to and from each specific building. The garage ventilation is provided with CO detection. The garage is unheated and all services have been electrically traced to prevent any possible freezing. Two large lift stations are provided adjacent to the Aberdeen Pavilion to lift storm and sanitary drainage up to the level of the existing street mains. redundant pumping has been provided.


The electrical distribution for the 11 buildings that are associated with the Lansdowne Parking garage originates from 6 individual electrical rooms. Each individual electrical room comprises of a 3,000 Amp switchgear and metered distribution to the individual buildings. The garage services are also fed from theses electrical rooms.

A total of 6 - 15 kV 3 MVA substations are installed in the parking garage for a total of 18 MVA of transformation for the site. 3 Hydro loop circuits are feeding the site and terminated in a utility switch room. Three 15 kV radial feeders are distributed to the 6 substations throughout the parking garage.

Energy efficient LED lighting was used throughout the parking garage. Occupancy sensors are installed on 50% of the garage fixture which allows the fixtures to dim to half their intensity when no one is present, greatly decreasing the energy consumption for the garage.


Ottawa, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 500,000 sq ft

Completion Year