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King Blue Condos and Hotel


Designed by Page + Steele/IBI Group Architects
Rendering by Page + Steele/IBI Group Architects

Located in the heart of the Entertainment District of downtown Toronto, King Blue is a new condo development that complements the restoration and revitalization of the historic Canadian Westinghouse Building's façade. The luxury residential towers will feature two towers at 44 and 48-storeys with over 900 units, along with a seven-storey boutique hotel at podium level, and three levels of parking. Amenities include conference rooms, a lounge, multimedia centre, fitness facilities, and a rooftop terrace and pool.

S + A Services Included:


Mechanically, the building contains separate plants for the two residential towers and hotel. There are 4-pipe fan coil units and energy recovery ventilation units in each residential suite. The hotel is served by heat pumps with central heat recovery. The green building concepts include different forms of heat recovery, water-efficient fixtures, high efficiency boilers and chillers and a high degree of occupant comfort control throughout the year.


The electrical distribution is efficiently designed to terminate the incoming Toronto Hydro feeds in a customer-owned substation and distributing 13.8KV to multiple electrical substations located in the parking and penthouse levels of the two towers. It is further segregated so that retail, hotel and residential components are separated from each other for ease of metering purposes between the multiple ownerships. The lighting uses energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lamp sources throughout and designed to meet IESNA illumination levels. Occupancy sensors are used in high transient spaces to further maximize the energy-efficiency of the complex. The fire alarm is a fully networked, addressable two stage system. The entire complex will share the same fire alarm system, but each occupancy and floor will be zoned separately in order minimize the impact on the other tenants.


Toronto, ON

Gross Floor Area

  • 707,996 sq ft

Completion Year