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ICE District Parkade


As part of Smith + Andersen's work on the ICE District development in downtown Edmonton, our team was also engaged as the mechanical and electrical consultant on the 1.1-million square foot parkade.

The site provides over 2,100 stalls across five levels below-grade, located beneath three mixed-use buildings (hotel/residential, office, and retail) within the district. The design of the parking structure is divided into three sections, and each building is responsible for providing the utility connections to a portion of the parkade below. This layout required our team to carefully coordinate with the design teams for each of the three towers and the plaza.

S + A Services Included:


The ICE District parkade also houses the loading docks, stormwater retention tanks, sewage lift stations, and the fuel oil systems for each of the towers. The site's ventilation is provided via 20 makeup-air units, each with an interlocked exhaust fan totalling over 710,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air. The domestic water supply and fire department connections for the three towers are interconnected within the parkade so that the entire site acts as a single building.


The electrical design consists of generator emergency power, low voltage systems, a distributed antennae system, and full Wi-fi coverage. The parkade also holds a two-stage, addressable fire alarm system in a campus-style network to service all the podiums and towers.

"Fire phones" are situated outside every exit stairwell on each level. Strategic lighting was designed to address both energy demands and user comfort while providing a bright and secure environment. Full access control and closed circuit television (CCTV) coverage monitors all areas of the parking spaces, maximizing user safety. Additionally, two-way communication duress stations are located throughout the structure and integrated with the CCTV system to bring up video feeds upon station initiation.


Edmonton, Alberta

Gross Floor Area

  • 1,154,763 sq ft

Completion Year