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London South West Community Centre


Designed by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects
Renderings by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects

The new two-storey London South West Community Centre contains a YMCA and a shared facility with the City of London. The YMCA features an athletic centre, aerobics rooms, youth centre, gymnasium, aquatics centre with teaching pool and a 25m lap pool, change rooms, and a community centre. The City of London facility includes twin ice pads, change rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and an indoor running track. Part of the building also houses the London Library.

S + A Services Included:


Energy recovery heat pipes are used on the arena and pool change rooms. A pool dehumidification unit is installed that reclaims and transfers compressor heat to the pool water or supply air. Heat is recovered from the arena refrigeration system to provide heating in other parts of the building and preheat the incoming domestic water. The plumbing system uses water-saving fixtures such as dual flush water closets, low flow urinals and lavatories. Most air handling units monitor the space's carbon dioxide levels to reduce energy and improve the indoor air quality. Other building air-handling units employ variable air volume terminals for temperature control, flexibility and energy efficiency. All building mechanical systems shall be sub-metered to efficiently monitor energy usage between the separate users through electrical, thermal energy, water and gas meters.


The electrical distribution system was conceptualized to have dedicated branches for each individual tenant and the common house loads. Gas, electricity, and water are metered separately for each user in order to help promote energy awareness and conservation. To compliment the energy conscious design of the distribution system, the lighting system is provided with energy efficiency as a corner stone of the design. A simple distributed lighting control system, utilizing occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and dimming control integration, is implemented throughout the building. This approach was selected to simplify operations between the various user groups. LED lighting sources are exclusively used on the project, taking advantage of the unique properties and lighting distribution of LED luminaires to inventively illuminate multi-storey and interconnected floor spaces. To meet code regulated energy efficiency requirements, the building was approached using the prescriptive path, which surpassed energy efficiency requirements by 60%.


Three separate telecommunications infrastructures are designed to support the City of London, London Library and the YMCA networks. The telecommunications infrastructure design supports the back of house, wireless, access control, CCTV, audio visual, and building automation system (BAS) controls for all program areas. Category 6 horizontal cabling infrastructure is utilized for network connectivity. Multimode fibre optic backbone cabling is included in the design to support each network.


The security design services for the London Southwest Community Centre includes security systems throughout the facility which consists of IP (Internet Protocol) based video surveillance and intrusion detection systems. The facility serves three separate clients, therefore, the intrusion detection system is configured to allow each client to fully control and monitor the arming and disarming of their intrusion system on the various areas and levels within the facility. This results in each client having the freedom and flexibility to control and monitor their space while still maintaining a unified security platform.


A public address speaker system for the rink supports various program uses including public skating, figure skating and hockey. The aquatic centre features a speaker system with wireless microphones to allow instructors to conduct aquafit classes. Various meeting rooms also feature audio and visual presentation systems with integrated control for ease of use.


London, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 166,840 sq ft

Completion Year