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Tuscany Fire Station


The Tuscany Fire Station serves the communities in Calgary's growing northwest. The facility includes an apparatus bay, a community flex space, a fitness area, a kitchen, and locker room facilities. The fire station is classified as a post-disaster building with seismic design, and can act as a command centre in an emergency. Smith + Andersen was engaged as the mechanical consultant for the project.

S + A Services Included:


In order to achieve the requisite energy points for LEED Silver Certification, the mechanical design includes several efficient solutions. Heat for the building is provided by condensing boilers, and is delivered through perimeter heating piping from the boiler loop. Ultra high-efficiency heat pump units provide ventilation to the space on a scheduled operation. Variable frequency drives, as well as heat recovery of the outside and exhaust air also contribute to the energy savings.

As a post-disaster command centre, the facility is equipped with several backup safety features. The IT room is supplied with dedicated computer room cooling units, and a bi-fuel diesel and natural gas generator supplies backup power to the facility in a power outage. A subgrade methane and radon extraction system safely removes dangerous gasses from the deep organic layer beneath the building.



Gross Floor Area

  • 17,000 sq ft

Completion Year