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Save On Foods


Smith + Andersen has been engaged by grocery store-brand Save On Foods to consult on the electrical design of more than 30 retail locations across Canada.

The electrical design for each location complied with and contributed to the Save On Foods standard, which typically included a focus on exterior lighting, with specialty lighting design utilized to highlight the canopies and main entrance. Additionally, due to Smith + Andersen's long-standing relationship with Save On Foods, the electrical design team has consistently aided with the development of Save On Foods electrical standards, particularly in how the standards evolve in relation to provincial and federal building codes.

Save On Foods locations primarily fall into three categories: category one is a location on the ground floor of a mixed-use building, category two is a stand-alone location, and category three is located within a mall.

The electrical design for category one required additional coordination with the landlord, as well as design considerations around traditional concrete construction (which typically requires electrical systems to be more exposed).

The electrical design for category two required coordination with utilities to provide power to the building, and could include additional base building and parkade scope.

The electrical design for category three required a fit-up of electrical systems to co-exist with the base building systems of some of the largest malls and shopping centres in Canada. These fit-ups typically took place in a big box previously occupied by a Sears or Target.


British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

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