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Daniels Spectrum


Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects
Photos by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

This LEED Silver certified arts & cultural centre is part of a multi-phased revitalization of the Regent Park community. The centre includes office space and a multi-purpose arts space to accommodate a variety of performances, festivals, celebrations and events. Short- and long-term rental spaces are available, with all spaces individually metered. The primary performance and event space features retractable seating in a three-storey height space. Smith + Andersen also provided services for PaintBox Condominiums.

S + A Services Included:


The mechanical heating and chilled water is provided by the district energy plant, Regent Park Community Energy System (RPCES). Systems are separated between the PaintBox Condominiums and Daniels Spectrum. Mechanical design for the Spectrum incorporates use of rooftop air handling units and variable air volume (VAV) distribution throughout the building. Heating is provided via low-level perimeter heating elements. Performance spaces are designed for highly-specialized acoustic requirements. The strict height requirements of the performance space required the design of ductwork to run through the structure.


The electrical service is delivered from a Toronto Hydro vault and equipment. The 2500A main service of the condominium supplies a 1400A sub feed to the Arts and Cultural Centre (ACC), while a separate 600V, 200A feed is for the PaintBox Restaurant. Separate metered feeds are provided to various tenants throughout both the ACC and condo. Two 250KVA generators can provide emergency power to the Condominium and ACC. The fire alarm is a modified 2 stage system; each building has a stand-alone system which are networked together. The theatre and ACC feature an elaborate lighting control system. Low voltage lighting control has been provided to general areas throughout the Condo and the Arts and Cultural Centre.


Office space is comprised of "incubator" space for up-and-coming businesses in the arts and cultural community. Each space is provided with a telecommunications infrastructure that allows them to compete in the physical and virtual marketplace, while keeping their upstart costs low. The arts and cultural component consists of a small performance theatre as well as space for not-for-profit cultural programs. The provision of a modern telecommunications infrastructure for voice and data networks allows these charitable organizations to direct more public and private funding back into their programs.


Different lighting solutions are applied throughout the building to highlight the architectural features and to enhance the user experience. The Daniels Spectrum section features a state-of-the-art lighting solutions at the main auditorium with adjustable luminaires for precise lighting distribution. The lounge lighting provides a combination of a warm and inviting experience. Ambient lighting is achieved with decorative luminaires and recess down lights. Track lighting is used at all feature walls and indirect lighting is concealed in coves and in millwork furniture. All public areas are designed to leave an impression of a bright space.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 60,000 sq ft

Completion Year



2016 Urban Land Institute - Global Awards for Excellence

2015 Civic Trust Award - Community Impact and Engagement, UK

2015 Environmental Design Research Association Great Places Award

2014 Architectural Record - Good Design is Good Business