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Regent Theatre at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology


Designed by Kasian Architects Inc.

Built in 1919, the 600-seat Regent Theatre's renovation focused on lighting, acoustics, theatrical and multimedia technology and finishes. The Regent Theatre's transformation provides the city of Oshawa with a flexible space for a wide range of performing arts, while also serving as the University of Ontario Institute of Technology's (UOIT) downtown venue for lectures, interactive learning, and distance learning. The renovation has breathed new life into one of Oshawa's last remaining heritage sites by creating a multipurpose facility that helps build on the partnership between Oshawa, UOIT, and the Durham Region.

S + A Services Included:


Mechanical upgrades included the refurbishment of the existing ventilation unit, replacement of the existing heating water boiler and the addition of a new air cooled chiller to provide cooling to the renovated lecture hall. Where possible, existing ductwork and diffusers were re-purposed to avoid alteration to the historic theatre ceiling. Heating, cooling, ventilation and exhaust were added to back of house spaces to bring the historic building up to code and provide a comfortable atmosphere for students, performers and audience members.


Finding space for new electrical distribution equipment was a challenge, as was routing feeders in the ceiling and walls, minimizing openings. Duplex receptacles were located on the floor between seats to accommodate laptops when the auditorium is used for lectures.


Lighting and controls are designed to allow for performance, lecture and classroom functions. Restored chandeliers, retrofitted with dimming control and lower wattage incandescent lamps, provide sparkle and accent the ceiling when the theatre is being used for performances. In lecture and classroom mode, new adjustable luminaires complement the historic ceiling. The custom recessed luminaires include both adjustable ceramic metal halide and halogen lamps within the same fixture, achieving 350 lux during lectures at seat level, while the halogens can be dimmed and provide warmth in the theatre mode. For way finding during a performance, LED aisle lights are mounted on chairs. The back wall curtain is washed by an LED strip light with a cold temperature rendition to accent the blue finish and folds.


Oshawa, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 6,600 sq ft

Completion Year



2011 IES Illumination - Toronto Section Award