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Chinguacousy Park Renewal


Designed by MJMA
Photos by Shai Gil Fotography

The Chinguacousy Park Renewal creates a variety of environments suitable for a wide variety of recreational activities in all seasons. Together they lay a foundation for new activities and facilities to develop in the future. Sustainable features such as water retention systems, reflective roofs, recycled materials, highly efficient mechanical systems, and energy management controls modernize the park with a low impact on the environment.

Recycled materials and a contrasting palette establish a cohesive vocabulary linking the various areas within the park. New park amenities and a boat pavilion at the north pond connects the water course to the land activities in the park. Its wood cladding and structures blend into the environment, while framing views of the park. The open nature of this pavilion is echoed in the renovation of the curling pavilion, and a new ski chalet/clubhouse. Each pavilion has terraces and decks with long overhangs, which not only contribute to passive cooling, but also blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces by physically and visually connecting the pavilions with the landscape. This effect is complemented by new lighting, landscaping, and pedestrian paths throughout the park.

S + A Services Included:


Each of the three buildings was provided with stand-alone mechanical systems, all of which utilized a heating water plant with condensing boilers and variable secondary flow pumping. To meet the building's cooling requirements, heat pumps were provided for the Chalet and Pavilion and a variable air volume (VAV) rooftop unit with direct expansion (DX) cooling was provided for the curling club. The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are controlled by a sophisticated building automation system tied into the City's city-wide building management system. Low water consumption plumbing fixtures were installed in each building to reduce potable water consumption.


Luminaires are located to enhance the vertical elements of the pavilion area. The vertical wood walls are highlighted with down and up lights. Ceilings are kept as clean as possible of luminaires. A combination of linear fluorescent and LED luminaires are used throughout the park pavilion and all skylights are framed with linear fluorescent lensed light fixtures. These luminaires are mounted to follow the ceiling angle layouts. The curling pavilion has lensed linear fluorescent luminaires mounted in a scatter asymmetric layout.


Brampton, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 37,350 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 14,215,000

Completion Year