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Pier 27


Designed by architectsAlliance
Photos by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

Pier 27 is a 14-storey, 689-unit, glass and pre-cast structure with a three-storey glass and steel bridge spanning the two main portions of each building. It is also connected by a four level below-grade parking structure with 615 parking spaces, including one level of commercial parking. Amenities include pools, sauna, theatre, and fitness centre. All suites feature gas ranges in the kitchen and master ensuite bathrooms have heated floors. Terrace units have individual natural gas connections for personal barbeques, and one terrace was customized to include its own outdoor swimming pool overlooking the lake. Many suites were customized by the purchasers, with some suites over 4,000 sq ft. There are multiple phases to this project. Phase I and II was completed in 2015, with the design for the future phases set to begin in late 2015/early 2016.

S + A Services Included:


A vertical stacked heat pump system is provided to heat and cool the suites and serve the pool and amenity spaces year round. Heat pumps efficiently move energy through the building while allowing for the majority of heating and cooling energy to be billed directly to the suite, reducing shared fees. Odour control from the adjacent factory is mitigated with gaseous filtration in each air handling unit ensuring odour-free delivery into the building.


The fire alarm system was intricate, especially with the townhomes spanning from P1 to the second floor, and was designed to meet all applicable codes while aiming to minimize the evacuation impact in case of an emergency. Given the various buildings, the electrical rooms were also strategically placed throughout the parking structure to feed the various risers. The clean lines of the building are maintained without major mechanical equipment located on the roof, but rather neatly incorporated into the lower levels.


Toronto, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 853,793 sq ft

Completion Year