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Township of Springwater Administration Centre


Designed by Ted Handy and Associates Inc., Architects
Photos by Alina Cornea Architectural Photography

This new administration centre, which contains office space, meeting rooms and council chambers, also serves as an emergency operations centre. The entire building is backed up by generators that allow full operation in the event of an emergency. The building achieved LEED Silver Certification.

S + A Services Included:


The Centre is equipped with a number of mechanical energy-efficiency features. Spaces are heated and cooled with in-floor radiant systems; floors are even cooled in the colder months using intake air systems. The ventilation air is diffused with low-velocity displacement from a variable speed air handling system for increased occupant satisfaction and energy savings. The heating system uses condensing boilers, and all systems are sized for low water temperatures. The latest water conservation fixtures were used to minimize water use.


The electrical service for the centre is provided from the utility through a dedicated pad mounted transformer sized to power capacity and utilized to accommodate new office load requirements. The building load is also supported by a standby emergency generator. Power is metered by the utility. The building contains new fire alarm, security and communication services. Efficient lighting and energy-saving systems are adopted in the design to meet LEED Silver. Battery packs and remote heads are utilized for emergency lighting.


Midhurst, Ontario

Gross Floor Area

  • 21,000 sq ft

Total Construction Cost

$ 6,500,000

Completion Year