Smith + Andersen is a trusted Canadian consulting engineering firm with offices in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax. Founded in 1965, Smith + Andersen has grown from an established reputation as trusted mechanical and electrical consultants, reaching new levels of engineering and design excellence in the communications, security, and audiovisual fields, and providing enhanced services such as lighting, building automation systems, and intelligent integrated systems design. Thanks to our client-focussed approach, Smith + Andersen is able to apply efficient, sustainable, and reliable design and engineering solutions on the most exciting projects across Canada. From fully-integrated hospitals and welcoming schools, to healthy workplaces and secure transit stations, their team has established lasting relationships with public and private sector clients across the country. Next Section


The Smith + Andersen Group’s design philosophy is simple: to provide our clients with a space that is safe, comfortable, ecologically sound, and fully complementary to the interior design and architecture of the structure. We are proud to have been selected as the mechanical and electrical engineers for projects across Canada. Clear communication is critical to our process. That’s why any project we undertake begins with a full understanding of the client’s requirements, then continues with regular contact to discuss developments over the course of the job. Our strict principles kick in right from the outset, so clients benefit from our vast experience in selecting systems, preparing budgets, developing preliminary designs, coordinating with architects, and controlling the system costs and project schedule. Previous Section Next Section


Using best-in-class technology at every level is a hallmark of Smith + Andersen. This includes industry-standard versions of AutoCAD / AutoCAD MEP / AutoCAD Revit MEP and a network of distributed plotters for drawings. Standardized layering, blocking and line-type guarantee consistency on every project. Specialized software performs HVAC load calculations, energy modeling, and lighting simulations. Our Toronto data centre provides company-wide services featuring the latest in server virtualization, data protection and security. Our site is protected by an onsite electrical generator to provide maximum up time for our operations. Smith + Andersen leverages Newforma Project Server and Newforma Info Exchange to facilitate its internal and external data management and transactions. Combined with Microsoft Exchange, Newforma allows us to meet our internal data needs while making critical project data available to external team members. We also maintain a technical database of all projects since inception, including drawings, specifications, and shop drawings. Previous Section Next Section


Since 1965, we have been delivering integrated services and project management for building systems. Smith + Andersen takes pride in offering clients engineering excellence through creative design, attentive service and a dedication to professionalism at every stage. S+A’s wide-ranging expertise and strategic know-how ensure our clients have ready access to a comprehensive range of talents that can respond to any project’s specific demands. Working together in a highly-cooperative environment forms the inspiration for our core belief: “We Engineer Confidence.” No matter the project, at Smith + Andersen we want our clients to know they have chosen the best firm for the job. In an industry in which simple solutions are rare, we believe that the decision to partner with us is decidedly simple. Previous Section Next Section

Total Quality Management

One of Smith + Andersen’s core values is our commitment to quality. We have developed many tools over the years to support this goal, including design manuals, master specifications and checklists. Using a simple, pragmatic approach, we continuously evolve our processes and evaluate projects on an ongoing basis. We formed a company-wide Quality Management Team that includes representatives from all of our offices. This team continuously improves, reinforces and develops our TQM Tools and Processes. Our corporate culture encourages co-operation and communication across all disciplines, with our designers and engineers working side-by-side in a shared commitment to quality for each project. Through this daily cooperative teamwork, S+A’s designers and engineers can offer fully coordinated systems. Previous Section