Our focus is the built environment. Our mechanical designs are focused on providing creative solutions to meet our client’s priorities. The mechanical systems need to provide thermal comfort and maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) - and IAQ can be as much about acoustics as it is about filtration or outdoor air ventilation. Mechanical systems are one of the largest energy consumers in the built environment. We recognize our obligation to encourage responsible design because even relatively small improvements in design can result in large long-term life cycle savings for our clients. Sustainability is important to us. We have a proven record of executing projects successfully with energy efficient HVAC designs, practical plumbing, essential fire protection, and complex building automation systems.

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Electrical systems, which are wide reaching from high voltage power to low voltage lighting control and emergency generators to fire alarm systems, are a critical element in maintaining and supporting the demands put on our building infrastructure every day. Electrical systems need to be flexible and adaptable to allow our infrastructure to evolve and adapt with the changing needs of its users. Smith + Andersen is well positioned to clearly understand a Client’s needs and works to develop a project specific design that balances the priorities and the budget of any project. Smith + Andersen uses our broad experience of project types and project size to ensure that each electrical system is designed appropriately for each situation.

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Whether it’s for Commercial, Retail, Health Care -- or almost any other kind of project -- Smith + Andersen’s in-house Telecommunications team can help clients navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of technology. Only after thoroughly assessing your needs will we begin creating customized systems designs that provide cost-effective, integrated and truly innovative solutions from day one and right through the lifespan of the facility. Our in-depth knowledge of Audio Visual, Security, CCTV, CATV and Hospital Monitoring and Wireless systems allows us to converge these technologies into a unified, intelligent-building network. In addition, S+A offers our clients extensive services such as Systems Design and complete Project Management, Systems Auditing, Commissioning and Peer Review, and Data Centres and associated systems design.

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In today’s world, Security and Surveillance are increasingly critical to a modern facility’s occupant protection and asset management capabilities. Smith + Andersen takes the security and safety of both tenants and owners very seriously, and our clients can feel assured knowing that our design team brings years of extensive experience and knowledge to each and every project we undertake. Our Security and Surveillance specialists are involved in each step of the planning process for your new facility or upgrade, including the integration of all components to form a complete and efficient security system. S+A will customize each project to meet your specific security requirements, including Asset Tracking, Building Automation and Security and Access Control.

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Smith + Andersen's Audiovisual services can design high-quality audiovisual, performance sound, collaborative technology and digital signage systems for just about any setting or application. From Hospitality, Performing Arts and Entertainment venues to Corporate, Government and Education facilities, S+A’s engineered solutions ensure that both the owner’s needs and the architect’s vision for the facility are met and budget and schedule requirements are maintained. S+A also offers a full complement of related specialized services, including needs analyses, budgets, design narratives, bidder recommendations, tender process guidance and system commissioning.  Our Audiovisual team brings together a unique combination of experience, perspective and project-management skills to meet any AV system design and installation challenge.

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Lighting design, when applied creatively with the client’s needs in mind, is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance any space. Smith + Andersen’s award-winning lighting professionals see their mission as a simple one: build on the environments created by architects and interior designers while respecting energy management and operational, maintenance and budget considerations. S+A Lighting Design Team’s portfolio features a wide range of Canadian and international projects that include Commercial, Retail, Health Care, Facilities for the Elderly, Hospitality (Restaurants and Hotels), Residential, Sports and Recreational, Exterior, Entertainment/Broadcasting and Educational. Our Design Team’s many professional affiliations include the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the International Association of Lighting Designers.

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Building Automation Systems

Energy Management and Controls Systems integrate and optimize many of a building’s most crucial systems: Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), Lighting, Access Controls and Fire and Smoke Management. Smith + Andersen’s Controls Specialist, with an extensive knowledge of mechanical, electrical and communications systems, can  provide clients with high-quality Energy Management and Controls Systems, and much more: assessment of existing pneumatic, electric and electronic controls systems; in-depth knowledge of BACnet and LonWorks and experience with controls systems designed “open” or to manufacturer’s specifications for energy efficiency and optimization; detailed drawings and specifications developed specifically for the project; cost estimates and clarifications; and processing of contractor payment authorizations for construction or renovation projects.

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Intelligent Systems

The Smith + Andersen Intelligent Integrated Systems (IIS) group focuses on improving operational and energy efficiencies through common telecommunications infrastructure.  Existing buildings typically have multiple stand-alone systems, where technologies such as building automation, lighting control, access control, and video surveillance are often not connected. This is truly a lost opportunity, as such technology silos can have a negative financial impact. By connecting these systems, we are not only providing clients with a previously untapped wealth of data, but also optimizing (and even automating) user comfort and control. This convergence of systems must be managed through an overall plan, and that’s where the Smith + Andersen IIS team provides the greatest value. Our team applies design expertise which helps clients navigate the variety of integration approaches that are currently on the market – empowering clients to be fiscally responsible, efficient, and to, ultimately, get the most out of their building. 

Our step-by-step approach can be used to define a relative measure of building intelligence, taking into account the following attributes (while always keeping in mind the desired outcomes for the end user):

  • Functionality definitions
  • Interconnectivity
  • Integration
  • Information collection
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
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