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An established history in and around Hamilton.

Over the past 30 years, Smith + Andersen has been part of Hamilton’s diversifying economy and thriving community. The launch of our newest office in Hamilton reflects our commitment to serve our clients in the Hamilton and Niagara region locally. Our experience in the region, paired with the commitment of our experienced and driven team, leads to expertise with new and innovative ways of thinking – symbolic of the historic town’s poise for a new era. 

Offering everything from mechanical and electrical engineering services, to sustainability consulting, and a growing list of specialty services (including communications, security and audio-visual consulting), our Hamilton team meets the area’s diverse market sector needs. Whether our clients are looking to upgrade an existing post-secondary building, renovate a hospital campus to meet their zero-carbon goals, or build a new community space or a residential high rise, our local team works side-by-side to service clients. 


Healthcare projects require the highest levels of design proficiency from every team member. Our local experts champion the latest trends and strategies, leading to more energy savings, better building operations, and less frustration during the design and construction process. 

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“The Hamilton office is a true reflection of our company’s commitment to growing organically – driven by the needs of our clients and the capabilities of our staff.”


The Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre is at the heart of the Hamilton community. This significant, yet important investment acts as a focal point to bring people together in a safe, inclusive environment. Our teams understand that community and recreation centres are multi-purpose hubs that fulfil a variety of needs by supporting the physical, emotional, and social health of a community. 

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Education facilities are not only a direct reflection of a community as it exists today, but also a map to where that community will be in 20 years.

Our longstanding relationships with post-secondary institutions across Hamilton and Niagara means our designers have the experience to provide the best possible engineering solutions under every type of budget or schedule – designing in a way that both the client and the climate demands.

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At Smith + Andersen, "We are Sustainable" is one of our core values. We're known for aligning ourselves with clients who share our values – clients like McMaster University, who has demonstrated tremendous leadership by pursuing a roadmap to Net Zero Carbon. In 2020, McMaster engaged Footprint, our Sustainability Consulting Firm, to put together a Net Zero Carbon Strategy for their entire campus. This strategy was created through a series of conversations with McMaster over the course of two years. 

We're proud to work with local clients like McMaster University, who are making changes now that will have an impact for generations to come.

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